Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Ok today is not by best day (seasonal allergies have kicked in) so my morning balcony time is more like a sneeze n blow time but this morning while spritzing I noticed how crazy my mint is growing...thank goodness it is in a self contained pocket. Also the sweet basil only planted a few days ago has taken off. The celery seems to be doing really well too.

Now I want to take a minute to talk about watering :-( these plants need lots n lots of water...no doubt about it, the windy and hot sun conditions up this high make constant watering necessary.
I looked at self watering systems and self watering pots but for my "shoebag" planters these just weren't an option. I did a bit of research on a wicking system but concluded that because my plants are located so high up in order to work properly my water source would have to be higher, and that in itself created more problems than I felt able to deal with.
I flirted with designing a solar, or wind powered pumping system to use the water from my window air cond unit (which I still do collect and use for spritzing) and it does SEEM like a good idea because I do have the wind and I do have the water..lol but I lack the engineering skills, soooo I wimped out...I bought a hose...honestly it was the smartest thing I did so far...I also got a watering wand with an adjustable head that allows me to position the nozzel directly at the plants roots and very effectivley water the entire balcony (120 pockets plus maybe 20 other pots) in less than 5 min and with very minimal spillage...so yes I did wimp out, but my thinking is..if I was tired of lugging water in 2ltr pop bottles after a week, how much watering do you think I'm going to be doing in August ?
So I compromised...I don't like the fact that I am using municiple water directly from the tap withoput the benifit of allowing it to settle, but I did find a plus...I can control the water temp very easily so my plants don't ever get shocked by a cold watering. I give them a lovely warm to touch watering, and they seem to like it...

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