Sunday, 11 August 2013


I had well and truely thought this "blog topic" was done and over with...however like all good shoebag garden just keeps on giving...long after the shoebags are dismantled and the plants disposed of.

Let me explain....Last year after winning a photo online contest (see previous posts) I was approached by a writer planning an article for a local news paper, (The Toronto Star) on container gardening and balcony gardening in paticular.

I was interviewed for the article but since my pictures were in such small format the paper wouldn't or couldn't use them....some months past...many months past. Then today I recieved an email from the writer saying the article had been published in yesterdays paper and they did use one of my pics. I was to be paid $50 for the pic and could I send her my address so she could send me the cheque :)

Colour me I was totaly not expecting that. Here is a link to the I would really like to have a hard copy of the paper...going to see if someone has yesterdays paper still.